Created alongside Benjamin Hancock for


Performance Space

Carriageworks, Sydney, 2016


Benjamin Hancock and James Andrews are two of Australia’s most outstanding young dance artists. From working with acclaimed Australian companies and choreographers (including Chunky Move, Lucy Guerin Inc and Sue Healey), to captivating audiences at Tasmania’s MONA FOMA and DARK MOFO festivals, to taking Melbourne’s underground club and party scene by storm with their brilliant and mercurial performance interventions, Andrews and Hancock move seamlessly between works of scale and intimate encounters, disrupting assumptions about gender, sexuality and the body along the way.


For Day for Night: 24HRS, Andrews and Hancock will create two distinct but intertwining solo dance works in intimate spaces that invite audiences to get right up close. Andrews’ shimmering, crystalline performance will bend light to create multiple bodies and shimmering illusions, exploring and unraveling masculinity and mythology. Hancock’s dark, glittering performance installation explores the continuity of the body with atoms, energy, and the universe – colliding masculinity and femininity, flesh and matter. Together, Andrews’ and Hancock’s works will open up new possibilities for the body, and how it might slip and morph through a broader spectrum of gendered possibilities.




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Photography by Phil Kitt, Blacklist, DARK MOFO, 2015